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Mnangagwa’s commission of inquiry: A crocodile looking for a goldfish image in its own mirror

By Tendai Chabvuta

So President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed the much awaited commission to investigate the killings that occurred in Harare soon after the 30 July 2018 elections.

Tendai Chabvuta
Tendai Chabvuta

The identity of the trigger pullers remains unknown and the architects of the tragic act disputed. The most laughable joke of today is this move by the President so soon in the infancy of his presidency to appoint such a weak, partisan and useless Commission.

Call it cynicism or whatever but this Commission will just be another one of those ZANU PF things – things that you can’t give decency by even naming.

Well I don’t know but Prof Charity Manyeruke is a known ZANU PF supporter reportedly married to a top CIO. She is minting it by getting paid sitting allowances from taxpayers money through appointments to boards and such commissions of enquiry.

She struggles to articulate herself and has not brought anything new in terms of ideas to ZBC and even the political science department at the UZ.

Lovemore Madhuku cannot certainly be called upon to carry out an investigation into such a process when he was also involved in the presidential election.

He has endorsed the election and certainly if the issue is about getting an objective assessment then certainly other people other than him have to be involved. But what do we know?

Vimbai Nyemba is a lawyer who is reported to be closely connected to ZANU PF from her days at the Law Society of Zimbabwe. She continues to get appointed to boards and bogus posts through the ZANU PF largesse. But maybe she is competent – what would we know?

Chief Emeka Anyaoku is 85 years old. He is a former Commonwealth SG from Nigeria. He served well but definitely now he is serving the interests of the British on that panel.

We know where the British stand on Zimbabwe and we also know that the Commonwealth is “owned” by the British. But what do we know😀

General Davis Mwamunyange is a darling of the ZANU PF government. He is known to Sydney Sekeramayi and has visited Zimbabwe before on official business during his days as the Tanzania Head of Defence Forces.

Well respected in Zimbabwe and Tanzania as well as a close ally of former President Jakaya Kikwete who is also close to ED, it would be folly to think that he would see, hear nor speak ill of what is going on now. Davis Mwamunyange being a former army general he would be very well known to VP Chiwenga. We all saw Jakaya in Harare last month. You think he came here to play and wish you well?

Kgalema is the only respectable fella there in that group. However, being friends with (Quiet Diplomacy) Thabo Mbeki and Cde (Marikana) – Ramaphosa who have thrown spikes into Tsvangirai and Chamisa’s presidential bids before we will have to see what happens with him.

That other white one is just there for the drama – kuti zvityise!

They will lambast and say “so who did you want to be appointed”? The answer is simple and ED can still do right. He would be better advised to consult with the MDC on their preferred member in the Commission.

The church in Zimbabwe is there. Internationally, the UN through Antonio Gueteress can be consulted. This is not rocket science. There must be a break with Robert Mugabe’s times and President Mnangagwa can do better.

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