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Zipp leader exhorts Chamisa to accept Mnangagwa’s victory

Blessing Kasiyamhuri
Blessing Kasiyamhuri

Chamisa on Saturday told his supporters in Chitungwiza that he will continue piling pressure on President Emmerson Mnangagwa, even through protests, until he is recognised as the winner of the disputed plebiscite.

“Though it might sound rude, its paramount to accept the election came, results came, a mere miss remains a miss, they came close but what is needed is to humble yourself and swallow your pride that it happened and start rebuilding and go forward,” Kasiyamhuru said.

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The Zipp president who is currently on a post-election “Thank you” tour of Matabeleland said it was important for Chamisa to support the current leadership as the election outcome was the will of God.

“It’s still a victory for the whole of Zimbabwe so it’s important that we support the current leadership. I will recommend my brother Nelson Chamisa to shake hands and accept whatever the results and he being a Christian God has allowed it, and we should now rally behind our leadership because God has allowed it.

He added: “If he is a Christian like some of us, he should now be prepared to pray for them and keeping on respecting them despite that we went into competition together, they remain our fathers and we know that respect should never go away despite our differences.”

Meanwhile, Kasiyamhuru castigated the Mnangagwa government for ill-advised statements against the recent imposition of sanctions by America.

“We don’t live in isolation and our language at all the times should always embrace the continent for the sake of peace and continuity,” he said.

“That is why Zimbabwe does not have it all; we don’t have the technology, we import so it’s important that we create those partnerships that are balanced and beneficial to each.

“That, however, doesn’t mean that we should not recognise that we are an independent nation whose sovereignty is key to our identity.” Daily News.