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‘One Big Party’ ready to roar

There is something about “One Big Party” event that is amazing. Every time the party is held, it comes with many surprises and it grows bigger with every edition. When the concept began, it used to rotate around venues in the capital until it found a home at PaDziva along Kirkman Road just outside Dzivaresekwa.

Featuring on Jah Prayzah’s “Eriza” video has brought fame to dancer Lady Storm and it seems gates of fortune are now opening up for her.
Featuring on Jah Prayzah’s “Eriza” video has brought fame to dancer Lady Storm and it seems gates of fortune are now opening up for her.

Artistes that have so far performed at “One Big Party” at PaDziva include Jah Prayzah and Freeman. The musicians were celebrating their birthdays and they got loads of surprises from fans.

Other artistes that were not billed to perform, and least expected to turn up for the events, also made surprise appearances.

Proprietor of PaDziva, Benjy Nyandoro also comes with different surprises for his patrons and performers at each edition.

The unexpected showcases, appearances and offers always make “One Big Party” a spectacular event. Every month the event roars at PaDziva and most followers of the concept now anxiously await the next edition.

The wait for this month’s party is over. Tomorrow is the big day at PaDziva. This time Suluman Chimbetu and Lyn “Eriza” Magodo will share the stage.

It has become Nyandoro’s style to reveal the unexpected edge of each edition a few days before it takes place.

For the whole month he made people believe that Sulu would go it alone at the event. Then, at the beginning of this week he revealed that Eriza, whose stage name is Lady Storm, will be coming to stir a pleasure storm.

It was good news to most male music fans that cannot resist seeing Lady Storm on stage since she hogged the limelight as Eriza on Jah Prayzah’s video of the song with the same title.

Her combination with Sulu is likely to bring something different to “One Big Party”. PaDziva has been expanded to include a playing area for children, equipped with various facilities for fun games.

Nyandoro said they want to make “One Big Party” all-inclusive. He said it should start in the afternoon as a family event before graduating into adult merrymakers’ paradise as the night unfolds its dark blanket of pleasure.

“This is an event for families. It should be a party for all ages and that is why we have that playing area for children at PaDziva. The facilities are not for ‘One Big Party’ only. There are always there for family outing,” he said.

“However, we have designed ‘One Big Party’ to include a segment of family fun because we want all ages to have a taste of the party. In the afternoon there will be various games for children and programme for families at large.

“When the fall of darkness compels children to go home, the party goes a gear up to the usual mad merrymaking that characterizes night partying. People should enjoy and look forward to another big party every month-end.” The Herald