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Woman tries to kill lover over phone call

By Whinsley Masara

A man from Filabusi in Matabeleland South is battling for life in hospital after his girlfriend bashed him with a saucepan during a fight over a phone call.

Perseverance Moyo (22) of Mthwakazi Township, assaulted her live-in boyfriend, Mr Moses Nkomo (29), several times in the head with a saucepan and he sustained serious injuries.

He was rushed to Filabusi District Hospital and was later transferred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) where he is admitted.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night.

Sources said Moyo got angry after Mr Nkomo recieved a phone call in her presence.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident and said they were treating the matter as a case of attempted murder.

The suspect was arrested and is assisting police with investigations.

“We are investigating a case of attempted murder where a 22-year-old woman allegedly bashed her live-in boyfriend several times in the head with a saucepan until he passed out.

“The couple allegedly had a misunderstanding over some domestic issues and during that period, the man grabbed his girlfriend by the throat prompting her to retaliate. She grabbed a saucepan and hit him several times in the head,” he said.

In May, a man from Matobo District died on the spot after his pregnant wife stabbed him during a domestic fight over money for beer.

Bekithemba Ncube (33) who had spent the greater part of the day drinking beer at the local business centre, returned to his home with an intention to collect more money.

When he arrived home, a misunderstanding arose between him and his wife after she refused to give him the money.

It is alleged that he slapped her twice and this angered her forcing her to retaliate. She grabbed a knife and stabbed him once in the neck and he fell to the ground, bleeding profusely. He died on the spot. The Chronicle