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Hodzi has started well

Acting Prosecutor General (PG) Kumbirai Hodzi has been shaking up things ever since he was sworn into office by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last month.

Kumbirai Hodzi
Kumbirai Hodzi

The courts have been busy, lately, with corruption-related cases. Among the high-profile cases that have been brought to court since his arrival is that of controversial businessman, Wicknell Chivayo, who is accused of defrauding the Zimbabwe Power Company.

Last week Friday, Chivayo was back in court, this time in a case dating as far back as six years ago in which he, along with fellow businessman Genius Kadungure, face charges of defrauding two complainants in the matter.

Hodzi has promised that more bigwigs would be hauled before the courts as the PG’s office refreshingly begins to bare its fangs.

The former deputy Attorney General came to the PG’s office following the suspension of Ray Goba on allegations of failing to prosecute high-profile criminals, and putting his office into disrepute by using abusive language and insulting lawyers.

Goba, who was also accused of sneaking out of the country without Cabinet’s authority, has since tendered his resignation.A three-member panel had been sworn in to investigate the allegations before his resignation to determine if he is fit to continue in his current office.

Despite superintending the PG’s office in an acting capacity, which many would consider a huge handicap;Hodzi has started well, and needs to be encouraged to stay the course and go for the real big fish that are now quacking in their shoes.

Corruption has morphed into a complex creature in Zimbabwe ready to devour those who expose the skeletons in its cupboards.

With graft dragging the country’s economy towards the precipice, it is time for real men and women to stand up and be counted by drawing sharp spears to destroy this monster.

It looks like Hodzi has made the right decision and deserves unqualified support from the rest of the justice delivery system and all the well-meaning citizens of this promising nation.

Established under section 259 of the 2013 Constitution, Goba’soffice operates as a separate, independent and accountable institution responsible for instituting and undertaking criminal prosecutions on behalf of the State.It also exists to promote a just and fair system for all persons approaching the courts and protecting the rights of the arrested and detained persons as provided for by the Constitution.

It’s a mouthful mandate deserving support from us all.  –DailyNews