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Zim now a divided nation

The recently-held harmonised elections have left Zimbabwe as a divided nation. The governing Zanu PF won a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly while incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa narrowly beat MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa in the presidential ballot.

Anger: Supporters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party (MDC) of Nelson Chamisa burn an election banner with the face of Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare
Anger: Supporters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party (MDC) of Nelson Chamisa burn an election banner with the face of Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare

Chamisa has disputed the outcome of the presidential poll and is expected to launch a Constitutional Court application, challenging the outcome before today’s deadline.

In the aftermath of the elections, deadly riots erupted in Harare with alleged MDC Alliance supporters going on a rampage in the capital as they stoned shops and burned vehicles.


In response, the police called for reinforcements from the Zimbabwe National Army and all hell broke loose as soldiers fired live ammunition to disperse the crowds.

At least seven people were killed while dozens were injured following the military intervention.

Amid all this chaos, nothing was resolved and it was the ordinary people that suffered while the politicians remained holed up in the safety of their homes.

It is a sad development considering how Zimbabwe appeared to be a united nation following the downfall of former president Robert Mugabe in November last year.

Multitudes of people came out in their numbers to march in the streets of most cities as they urged Mugabe to step down.

The army on the other hand, also marched and maintained peace during those demonstrations last November. After being the chief tormentor of Zimbabweans in their bid to prop up Mugabe, the war veterans also joined the masses to ensure the collapse of the old regime.

However, the sad reality we are now faced with is that the trust between the State and ordinary citizens has now evaporated after these hotly-disputed elections.

Zimbabwe is now divided into two distinct sides; you are now either Zanu PF or you are MDC Alliance.

If anyone criticises the MDC Alliance and their leader Chamisa, people are quick to label that person a Zanu PF sympathiser. It’s vice versa if you criticise Mnangagwa or Zanu PF.

Both sides are looking at issues with blinkers and are not prepared to hear the other side of the story.

These leave Mnangagwa and Chamisa with a difficult task of ensuring Zimbabwe moves in one direction and there is national building after these polarising elections. For the country to move forward, these two politicians must show true leadership qualities and unite Zimbabwe again. Daily News.