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Chipanga not giving up yet

By Bernard Chiketo

Controversial Sungura artiste Hosiah Chipanga — who just lost the election contest for the Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency — has said he will not give up on his pursuit to influence the country’s political environment.

Hosiah Chipanga
Hosiah Chipanga

Speaking to Eastern News after announcement of the poll results, Chipanga said he would explore other means to influence political leaders to implement his “God-given solutions” to the challenges Zimbabwe is grappling with.

“I won’t give up, I have no option but to keep on trying by all means and ways possible to make leaders take him seriously,” Chipanga said.

He was one of 15 contestants in a race that was won by MDC Alliance candidate Prosper Mutseyami who polled over 33 000 votes.

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Chipanga said he was not out to seek employment in politics but only wanted to help establish God’s kingdom.

“My attempt to contest in the current … inherited evil politics … , is not employment-seeking but is necessitated by the desire and will to meet, convince and explain particularly to our African leaders how best they can live and lead their nations according to God,” he said.

He said while changing leaders could help improve government’s performance, it was not enough to cure the country’s governance woes.

“Truly speaking, we may change leaders for the better but that will not be enough to address our country’s problems as the fault lies in the system of governance in use. We need God’s advice to come out of the mess our country is in,” Chipanga opined.

He said his campaign was funded by friends, family and fans.

“I want to thank you all my friends, supporters, fans and well-wishers for assisting and supporting me in cash and kind on my journey, mission and task to have the Will of God done here on earth and in Zimbabwe as it is done in Heaven.”

The musician strongly believes he has a God-sent message on governance issues communicated to him in a vision in the late 1970s.

Although he has threatened to run for presidency before, this was the first time the musician took positive steps towards his desire to enter into politics.  – DailyNews