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Chivayo pledges $50k towards environment

By Austin Karonga

Flamboyant businessman Wickenell Chivayo joined the fight for the preservation of the environment by pledging $50 000 towards The Diamond Land Ecohub during Wednesday night’s Annual Green Ambassadors Guild Awards at Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife offices in Harare.

Wicknell Chivayo
Wicknell Chivayo

The chairperson of Intratek Zimbabwe Wilson Manase speaking during the awards meant to reward innovators in environmental, water and climate affairs said their company is a willing and able partner to support efforts by the Green Ambassador Dreck Mpofu and the ministry.

“…in us, you have a willing, able and enthusiastic partner to walk with on the journey forward. As a trailblazing pioneer in the green energy sector, Intratek has carefully scrutinised the opportunities contained in the excellent Diamond Land Ecohub proposal,” Manase said.

“The synergies between the six million-strong youth constituency and service providers like ourselves in providing appropriate solutions that impact ordinary Zimbabweans are clearly demonstrated.”

In a message read in absentia by Manase, Chivayo, Intratek managing director who is on a business trip in the States made his $50 000 pledge for the project.

“…we the youth form a vibrant and dynamic constituency in Zimbabwe. We thrive on distribution, innovation and adrenalin.

“We’re technologically driven and communicate via social and other online media. I’m therefore delighted that the envisaged hub aspires to promote youth participation in their own future and that of their planet.

“I’m also gratified to note that the Green ambassador is a patriotic Zimbabwean youth like me,” said Chivayo.

“Our chairperson has committed Intratek to support this worthy cause and it is my duty and pleasure to add substance to this…we hereby donate $50 000 in addition the company undertakes to install or pay for all solar street lighting and outdoor lighting for the complex on completion.”

Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri in a speech read on her behalf encouraged stakeholders to work together towards a worthy environmental cause.

“My wish is to see the corporate world and government working hand in hand to keep our nation clean and health hazard free for generations to come.

“I guess you have already seen the publicity on tv by the Green Ambassador with his latest video Muregedze where he is using humour to address issues of littering that we had now grown used to,” Muchinguri-Kashiri said.

“He is playing his part. He has used books like the Little Green Ambassadors to speak to kids and these awards to recognise you players. They also have innovations like the Eco Hub being set up in
Mutare that will greatly impact our nation.

“He has never been honoured for this and has never requested to be honoured but is satisfied in doing the work. Let us also play our part. I would like all of us to join our hands together in bringing the issue of rampant littering to an end.

“From the surveys conducted by my team, it has been established that more than 60 percent of people in Zimbabwe have limited environmental knowledge.

“This is likely to worsen the effects of the environmental challenges on human beings as demonstrated by the 2016/2017 floods, were communities continued to cross flooded rivers at a time when the Civil Protection Unit was also scaling up awareness raising.

“This then calls for more action on the ground to embark on environmental education, training and awareness programmes to change their behaviour towards environmental issues, enhance preparedness and strengthen their adaptive capacity.” DailyNews