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Madinda blames break for poor performance

By Ngqwele Dube

Highlanders’ coach Madinda Ndlovu feels the two-week break affected them negatively after his side displayed what he termed their worst performance against Herentals last Sunday.

Madinda Ndlovu
Madinda Ndlovu

Bosso struggled with their game, but managed to walk away with maximum points courtesy of an Adrian Silla 30m strike, which was the only highlight of brilliance in an otherwise dull game.

Ndlovu said after reviewing the match, he felt they did not do enough to recondition the players following the break.

He said they didn’t do enough as technical staff to put them back into shape.

“There are a lot of things that were looked at as to why we didn’t perform well and one of them was the weight of our players coming from the break. We realised we did not do enough to get them back into shape,” said Ndlovu.

“Again we had asked our players not to be active in any way or play any social games, but I think with the crop of players that we have, they relaxed and we are back to zero again in terms of fitness.

“However, that is not an excuse and it is our job as the coaches to make sure it is rectified and we therefore expect a better performance against Triangle on Sunday,” he said.

Ndlovu said soon after the match against Herentals that he was not impressed by the performance because his players did not express themselves as a team. He said they didn’t play the normal football that he and the club have been advocating for.

Ndlovu said the only positive was that the team managed to grind a good result, which is what the Bosso family was yearning for.

He said it is neither important nor mandatory to only post good results but mandatory to play good, attractive football, which he believes will bring in the desired results.

“We need to be consistent in playing good and entertaining football and I believe this type of play will bring in results,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bosso chief executive officer Nhlanhla Dube said they were awaiting an international reverse clearance for striker Tinashe Makanda to complete his registration.

Ndlovu said they are ready to field the player and are hoping his registration will be completed soon.

He said they had also been assessing other players with the view of bringing them on board during the mid-season transfer window but declined to reveal their identities.

Bosso are eager to beef up their striking department as the team has struggled to convert numerous chances they have created.

Ndlovu said they were only looking at bringing in strikers during the mid-season transfer period as he felt it is the only area his team is lacking. The Chronicle