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Ginimbi billboard pulled down

Socialite and businessman, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure is having to work on a ‘toned down’ billboard for his Sankayi night club after authorities pulled it down.

Ginimbi Sankayi billboard pulled down
Ginimbi ‘Sankayi’ billboard pulled down

The billboard was at the corner of Nelson Mandela Avenue and Seventh Street in the capital.


While there was no immediate comment from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ginimbi said he had been advised that authorities had not been happy with the billboard which they felt crossed the line with regards to nudity.

Ordinarily the Censorship board would have handled the matter but H-Metro understands that the previous board appointed last year was immobilized with members required to go through new clearance.

Ginimbi Sankayi billboard pulled down
Ginimbi Sankayi billboard pulled down

Former cabinet minister, Aeneas Chigwedere chaired an 11-member board that also included Bona Chikore while efforts were being made to have a new-look Entertainment Classification and Rating Board in line with the new constitution.

“I understand the censorship people were not happy with the billboard and we had to pull it down and work on a new-look, compliant one is underway. I am renting the slot for six months so there is still time to be utilised and that is why we are having to make adjustments.

“Our mission is to provide entertainment to people in Harare and the billboard is one platform for us to market the joint (Club Sankayi). We will be guided by the law in our advertising so I do not have any problems with that,” said Ginimbi.

Last night, Sankayi hosted the historic Trace Africa VIP Nights –the first time ever that such an event has been staged in southern Africa –as Jah Prayzah launched his latest single, Ronika. H Metro