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Edwards Chiratidzo Nyamutsika: One day I will be sober and I will write a paper on Zimbabweans

By Edwards Chiratidzo Nyamutsika

One day I will be sober and I will write a paper on Zimbabweans. A nation full of individuals who view themselves better than others but, as a collective they are all poor and suffering.

Simply by being literate they view themselves as very informed.

I will write a story about a country so broken that no one sees anything wrong with attending a rally on Monday more so even competing to show who pulls more crowds that the other amongst our leaders yet it’s supposed to be a working day.

I will tell you about the affinity my people have for ill gotten wealth and power. A country where those who led genocides and corruption are called the new dispensation.

With a population of less than 16 million and an estimated mineral deposit of over 2 trillion, my country is the biggest market for second hand clothes. The only time we get to wear new clothes is when politicians hand out campaign regalia.

Where I come from we celebrate the drilling of a borehole in the 21st century. It’s an achievement to access a basic human right and it’s called pogress when the government does what it should have done 40 years ago.

For now let me drink. On a sober day we will talk.