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Cowdray Park goblins —sex abuse concerns linger. . .Residents also demand compensation

By Nhlalwenhle Ncube

It seems the ‘death’ of the troubling goblins Qobola and Mike did not bring peace to Cowdray Park suburb as expected because many issues have arisen resulting in chaos in the suburb.

Residents have been left divided following the cleansing ceremony and now it turns out there is a ghost goblin only troubling women by having sex with them.

On the other hand, it is reported that there are people demanding the naming and shaming of the goblin owner so they could get compensation as some of their property was destroyed by the goblin.

The same people are reportedly accusing Prophet Siziba of planting goblins if he fails to publicly announce the goblin owners.

Although some people claim to be finally having peace, there are some women complaining that the ‘goblin’ was still having sex with them.

On the other hand, Prophet Siziba has not had peace after the cleansing ceremony. He has been getting phone calls from a private number threatening him with death.

There’s chaos in the suburb and it seems people have got mixed feelings following the incident.

“Since the cleansing ceremony, we have not had incidents where property was destroyed by the unseen creatures; it is really quiet in the suburb.

“Unfortunately, it is now residents’ fighting each other as some are demanding to know the goblin owner so he can repair their destroyed property. However, the community leaders and Prophet Siziba claim the police instructed them not to reveal names,” said one resident, Timothy Sibanda. B-Metro