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Brace for comic therapy from Clive Chigubhu

By Bongani Ndlovu

Zimbabweans, who are preparing to cast their votes on July 30, need some comedic therapy and I’m what the doctor ordered, says jester Clive Chigubhu who has been laying low for some time now.

The award-winning comedian, who has been on daddy day care ever since his daughter Cherice was born last year, has been in and out of the local comedy scene since then.

This silence however, does not mean that Chigubhu was idle as he has been planning a couple of things.

“I’m working on a show for August. I’m yet to give it a title, but it’s basically targeting local Zimbabweans. I discovered they need therapy and I’m the right person to give them,” said Chigubhu.

He said among other things, the show – which will be held after the country’s harmonised elections, will touch on issues such as whether Zimbabweans are ready for the new era.

Chigubhu said as artistes, after the elections, they had a lot to do in motivating and encouraging people.

“Whoever wins has a lot to do, not just them, but also us in the arts industry. The question is, as artistes, do we understand what it means to be an artist.

This is because we shape and plant ideas in people’s minds, change lives and keep them entertained.

“So after elections, we have a role to play in motivating and encouraging people so that our nation will be a better place,” he said.

Other than his career, Chigubhu said daddy duties were keeping him busy as he is raising his one-year old child.

“My daughter shows me a different side of her every day. She dances a lot and is now learning how to speak. When being fed and she’s full, she says: ‘Ungangifosi (don’t force me), which is hilarious. I want to be there for her as her father, something that I grew up without.” The Chronicle