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DJ Zinhle speaks on life after AKA

DJ Zinhle has gone through a lot of hardships and shrugged off many labels‚ including constantly being told while growing up that she was lazy‚ leaving her feeling like she would “not amount to anything in life”.

Zinhle's past relationship with AKA might have faced public scrutiny after the rapper confessed to cheating on the DJ with media personality Bonang Matheba
Zinhle’s past relationship with AKA might have faced public scrutiny after the rapper confessed to cheating on the DJ with media personality Bonang Matheba

The Colours hit-maker‚ who recently released a motivational book hoping to inspire women to unlock their true potential‚ revealed her own battles growing up in an interview with Azania Mosaka on Real Talk this week.

“I totally believed that I was not going to be anything amazing because I was told so many times that I was lazy. Being a younger sister, I grew up believing that I wouldn’t amount to anything.

“I was told that ‘nobody is going to marry you’ and these were things that I worried about so much as a child‚ like ‘who is going to love me? How am I going to get a job? What am I going to do when I grow up?’”

She said she learnt to relax and not put so much pressure on herself and also preached the gospel of being grateful for what you have and not be miserable about what you do not. DJ Zinhle recounted a lesson her daughter Kairo taught her when she was devastated by AKA leaving after Kairo’s birth.

“When Kairo was young‚ she must have been two months old‚ I was going to take a bath and I saw her face. I was going through emotions and was in pain‚ and I looked at Kairo and said; ‘Kairo‚ daddy is gone’ and I was crying.

“Kairo looked at me‚ as if to say; ‘look around you‚ mommy. Look at everything else. Pain has a way of blinding us to everything else that is amazing.”

The star revealed earlier this year that she felt overwhelmed when completing her house‚ which had been under construction for some time.

“I made it work but I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. It is a bit too much especially with the house project‚ I thought I was going to die at one point‚“ she told WTF Tumi’s Tumi Morake.

She said she had learnt to cope with all the endless demands by taking it one moment at a time and leaning on the support of others.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE around the same time‚ Zinhle said she often felt exposed when helping women with social issues.

“My reality show was one of the toughest things that I have had to do. It was emotionally draining to the point that I often went home to go sleep because it was too much. It was tough to hear their stories and it hit me hard.”

AKA on the other hand said his romance with his ex, Bonang had taken a toll on DJ Zinhle and his relationship with his mom.

“Now that I’m out of the relationship‚ I can now big her (DJ Zinhle) up for being a great mom and an amazing woman. My mom‚ our relationship was obviously strained for obvious reasons,” said AKA.

He said he played a big part in the guilt and destruction that came with the “saga” that saw him leave his baby mama for a new relationship.

“I just want people to understand that I fully know what I was putting on the line and maybe now, I understand what I kind of didn’t appreciate when I had it.” – SundayWorld