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Poll surveys dubious, say Mujuru coalition

By Jeffrey Muvundusi

People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) has dismissed the recent poll surveys which have literally thrown them out of the election race, in the process concluding it to be a two-horse race pitting the MDC Alliance and Zanu PF.

Opposition leader and former vice president Joice Mujuru (Picture by NewsDay)
Opposition leader and former vice president Joice Mujuru (Picture by NewsDay)

Zimbabwe’s Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI), in partnership with Afrobarometer predicted a closely-contested 2018 election with President Emmerson Mnangagwa emerging the winner ahead of MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa.

The survey predicted that Chamisa would garner 31 percent against Zanu PF presidential candidate Mnangagwa’s 42 percent, a result which points to an election re-run.

While the survey factored in 25 percent of unknown voters who in this case will determine the winner, it revealed that the rest of other presidential candidates will collectively garner two percent of the total vote.

On the other hand, a survey by Pan African Forum Limited showed that Mnangagwa will get 70 percent, Chamisa 24 percent and Joice Mujuru of the National People’s Party 1,0 percent.

The Kenya-based network of African scholars, however, showed that other presidential aspirants will also manage just 1 percent while 3,0 percent comprises the undecided.

PRC felt the predictions were much ado about nothing while using the United States of America poll results as an example.

“I don’t know the validity of the results of those people,” PRC secretary-general Gorden Moyo told Southern News.

“As you would know, last year a lot of think tanks came up with results for Donald Trump in the United States. Everyone was saying Hillary Clinton was going to win and what were the results. So we don’t care about some dubious researchers who go around and say we are third or we are fourth.

“We believe in the veracity of our arguments and the will power of our people and we are participating in these elections and we believe we will come out as victorious as we should be,” Moyo said.

Meanwhile, asked why they have resorted to conducting cluster rallies in constituencies, instead of hosting bigger rallies like MDC Alliance and Zanu PF, Moyo said: “This is a totally new approach this is our own strategy, we go to the people, we are meeting the people, interfacing with the people.”

“When we were at MDC, we had a crossover rally where thousands and thousands of people attended and what were the results, they are there for everyone to see.

“This is our own strategy and we will not listen to other people to tell us about us. We have a strategy to lure the people one on one, two on two, 10 and 10 and 100 on 100,” Moyo said. Daily News