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MTM replaces Andy Muridzo

By Takudzwa Chihambakwe

After the Andy Muridzo heartbreak, it appears that Military Touch Movement founder, Jah Prayzah, has decided to go for virgin talent.

Alvin Nengere aka New Guy
Alvin Nengere aka New Guy

In March, Muridzo walked out on his idol, mentor and childhood friend, accusing him and his music label of all sorts of wrongdoing. However, it appears the MTM team is eager to put the Muridzo debacle behind them and move on with life. The team has since roped in a new member to their family, Alvin Theophilus Jr Nengere, aka New Guy.

“We call him New Guy because he is new,” said Jah Prayzah, breaking into his trademark laughter as he told The Sunday Mail Society about MTM’s new recruit.

“Alvin is very fresh on the scene, he has not released any music yet. This is something that shocks me considering the amount of talent he has. We are working with him closely and we are about to ‘blow him up’ to the rest of the nation.”

The “Kutonga Kwaro” singer said Alvin, who is gospel music sensation Jesse Priestly’s young brother, will be launched as an Afro-beat act.

“He frequented this place to record with our producers. That is when we heard and loved his stuff. He then asked to join the family and we said why not and here we are today,” said Jah Prayzah, who also pointed out that New Guy is his own man and not a replacement for Muridzo.

“There is nobody who can replace another individual because we are all totally different beings. Maybe if Alvin was singing exactly the same way as Andy, then and only then could we say he is a replacement. He is coming in the same way everyone else in the family did, carrying something unique to offer the fans,” explained Jah Prayzah.

But how does MTM intend to launch this new talent?

“For now we are working on his debut videos, once those are done we are going to be unveiling his music to the nation. Collaborations do not come because one has joined MTM. They come because one has worked hard. I have personally had several requests for collaborations rejected but I just keep moving forward.

“Most artistes look for value in a collaboration, if they don’t see it they will not agree to it. So if New Guy works hard, he will be able to someday pick up his phone and call any big artiste and land a collaboration.” The elated 27-year-old new member revealed that joining MTM was the best decision he has made with regards to his music career.

“I believe MTM is a good platform for any artiste to start from,” said Nengere, adding, “It’s a good environment for anyone who is creative and the people there are so free and welcoming. I’m around famous people. lt’s a place where I feel the best of my abilities can be explored for me to reach my full potential.” Comparison to Muridzo is inevitable. Can New Guy cope?

“I am sure this is what everyone wants to know. It is funny how sometimes people come up to me and say ‘mdara maka replacer Andy Muridzo ka imi’ (dude you replaced Andy Muridzo). That’s not true, I was signed way before Andy was out.

“I’m actually cool with him and I’m sure he is cool with me. Not that it says much, but we follow each other on Instagram and even like each other’s posts, so, no bad blood.

“I believe I’m on a different wave from his. Comparisons are always going to be there because we are human and it’s in our nature to make everything competitive. My main goal is to not only be popular – music to me is healing. I hope my craft will make a difference in people’s lives and someday have a fan base that’s going to accept it with its uniqueness.” The Sunday Mail