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Pirates get to Macheso album first

By Walter Mswazie

Sungura ace, Alick Macheso is set to unveil his new offering Dzinosvitsva Kure through an album launch at Chitungwiza on Friday but piracy hawks in Masvingo have already pounced with vendors already selling pirated discs.

Alick Macheso
Alick Macheso

A survey by Chronicle Showbiz yesterday revealed that the pirated discs were selling like hot cakes as the original ones that had been distributed by Zimpapers vendors early yesterday had been sold out upon delivery.

The album was released yesterday and fans expressed disappointment over the few number of original copies delivered in the ancient city amid reports that a paltry 100 copies were availed. This was a far cry to the insatiable appetite for the new album by Macheso’s legion of fans here.

However, some vendors allegedly hoarded original discs and were selling them at an inflated price of $2 compared to the agreed $1.

This is Macheso’s 11th project, but the first album in two years as his last album, Tsoka Dzerwendo was released in 2016.

The new album, which is a masterpiece demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt that Baba Sharo, as Macheso is known, is still the best and has achieved a milestone for his 50th birthday that will be celebrated on Friday.

The album includes songs Chikuru Kurarama, Pfuma Yacho, Ndakakutadzirei, Kudzwai, Madzitete and Vane Zvavanoda.

A vendor at Belmont Press, Mois Chapwanya said the CDs were sold out a few minutes after their arrival. He called on the agents to order more copies as people had shown insatiable appetite for the new release.

“I think Zimpapers should order many copies. The 100 copies that they ordered are few as they ran out. Some came and bought more than 50 copies raising suspicions that the people wanted to sell them at inflated rates,” said Chapwanya.

A fan of Macheso, Innocent Chibvura said the copies should be flooded so that all those who want a copy can get without hassles.

“I’m told more CDs are coming and we’re waiting for them. I want an original CD as I feel guilty buying a pirated disc of my favourite artiste.

“I’m appealing to vendors not to burn the CDs which, however, cannot be copied because its encrypted. The distributors of the album should therefore flood the market in order to beat piracy,” said Chibvura. The Chronicle