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Prophet steals R76 000 from live-in girlfriend

By Codelia Mondela

A PROPHET at Grace of Africa Church in Bulawayo recently left his live-in girlfriend of three months at a church service, went to her home to steal more than R76 000 and bought a new car and groceries for his family.

Admire Mbuso also known as Simbarashe Shumba
Admire Mbuso also known as Simbarashe Shumba

Admire Mbuso (37) who had introduced himself as Simbarashe Shumba from Gweru to Ms Silvia Moyo (42), allegedly stole the money on Sunday in Mzilikazi suburb.

Ms Moyo yesterday said Mbuso took all his clothes and left the doors unlocked. He used his friend’s vehicle which was parked outside as a getaway car.

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However, his luck was short lived as he was arrested two days later at his rural home in Gweru, where he had gone to deliver groceries to his wife and family.

Ms Moyo said Mbuso told her that he was a prophet and a soldier stationed at Mbalabala but to her surprise she never saw any uniforms after he moved in with her a few weeks after they started dating.

“On Sunday I did not feel like going to church but Shumba (as he was known to her) insisted that we attend. I don’t know how and when he left the church. I just realised he had disappeared. When I tried to call him his cellphone had been switched off,” said Ms Moyo.

“It just struck me that Shumba might have gone back home to steal my brother in-law’s money which he had given me for safe keeping on Friday as he was present when the money was counted. My sister’s husband wanted to buy a house with the money. Shumba saw me putting it under the bed.

“I called my neighbour to go and check the money. She said it was no longer there. I was so shocked that I could not walk and church members took me home. When I got there I discovered that he had ransacked the house and stolen R76 000 and $240 that my sister’s husband had given me. He also took R700 and $20 meant for domestic use. He left me penniless.”

Ms Moyo said Mbuso disappeared without paying $50 which he had borrowed from her.

She said she was devastated to hear police saying Mbuso had bought a Mazda Atenza for R36 500 in Gweru, following his arrest on Tuesday.

“He said he loved me despite our age difference and I believed him since he was a Christian. We were in love and even neighbours said he was a good person, but after what he did, I will never take him back,” she said.

Ms Moyo said she met Mbuso in February this year through her daughter who met him on the street.

She said he prophesied to her daughter and later that day came to her house to prophesy to her too.

Ms Moyo said she suspected that Mbuso cast a spell on her as she did everything he asked and never questioned his authenticity that very first day.

“On that first day, he said I should give him $20 so that he could pray for me and I did. He slept over and during the night we had sex and that’s how our relationship started. I remember I gave him isitshwala with chicken feet and he refused to eat, demanding better relish,” she said.

Bulawayo Metropolitan Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident.

She said they received a report of a break-in which was initiated by the accused person on Sunday.

“I don’t have the details of how the complainant Silvia Moyo got the money. However, the accused person has been arrested and will be taken to court,” she said.

Insp Simango appealed to members of the public to desist from keeping large sums of money in their houses. — The Chronicle