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Kudos for Irvine’s over ISO 22000

Standards Association of Zimbabwe (Saz) director-general Eve Gadzikwa says Irvine’s attainment of the ISO 22000 is an indication of the company’s determination to offer safer and high quality products that meet international standards.

Irvine’s was recently awarded ISO 22000 certification after demonstrating compliance with globally accepted food safety management system standards.

“This is truly a commendable achievement by Irvine’s… the SAZ ISO 22000 certificate underlines your (Irvine’s) continued determination and commitment to providing high quality and safe products in line with your vision statement.

“Irvine’s should also be proud that it satisfied the meticulous and rigorous checks and balances which form part of SAZ’s assessment for certification… Irvine’s has been able to successfully establish and implement an international food safety management system.

“The Saz is satisfied that the company has put in place all the measures required to comply with the food management system and that you will constantly improve the system and improve performance according to global best practice,” said Gadzikwa.

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She added that the Saz ISO 22000 certificate will make Zimbabwe’s largest poultry producer better prepared to contain food-borne infections that often hit the sector.

“Poultry meat is one of the main products involved in food-borne infections because of its susceptibility to infection by pathogens as well as physical and chemical contamination, hence certification to ISO 22000 is a preventative approach to food contamination.

“The poultry industry is of major economic importance in Zimbabwe in terms of domestic and exports markets, the implementation of ISO 22000 is therefore critical,” said Saz director-general.

Apart from food safety management standards, Saz also administers various other standards in diverse fields.

“I would like to express appreciation to Irvine’s management for choosing to be certified by the Zimbabwe National Standards Body — Saz — which has over 60 years of experience in the certification business.

“For your information, Saz has published over 2 000 standards some of which are for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 45001), Environmental Management Systems EMS ( ZWS ISO 14001…as well as standards for various industries,” she said. Daily News