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Mawarire rubbishes Zhuwao’s apology

National Patriotic Front member Mr Jealousy Mawarire yesterday dismissed as nonsense an apology by Mr Patrick Zhuwao over the leakage of a video on social media in which together with Professor Jonathan Moyo they accused him of stealing money meant for the party’s T-shirts.

Jealousy Mawarire
Jealousy Mawarire

Following the publication of the story by The Herald, Mr Zhuwao apologised to Mr Mawarire.

“I wish to apologise to Cde Jealousy Mawarire and other NPF comrades who have been hurt and injured by a private conversation about the need for T-shirts for NPF which was inadvertently broadcast via live Twitter video on Monday 21st May 2018.

“The conversation was meant to be a private interaction which should never have been exposed to the public domain.

“I take responsibility for what transpired as a result of that conversation because I am the person that initiated the conversation,” said Mr Zhuwao in a message he posted online.

But Mr Mawarire yesterday came out guns blazing.

“I will accept an apology when an apology is made. I will not accept nonsense and pretend its an apology. What I saw is nonsense. It was a ploy to even amplify the attack in the so-called apology. The T-shirts multiplied by two. Where is the other 10 000 coming from?” fumed Mr Mawarire.

He said instead of apologising for accusing him of abusing money meant to procure T-shirts, Mr Zhuwao had in the apology claimed the T-shirts were instead supposed to 20 000.

“I briefed the national executive committee on the 9th of May that a corporate good Samaritan donated 10 000 T-shirts and those T-shirts are yet to be delivered. The good Samaritan paid for the T-shirts and is responsible for their transportation. I am just a recipient. I can not go to the good Samaritan and say when are the T-shirts going to be delivered. The corporate good Samaritan cannot account to himself unless someone is getting frustrated by life in exile,” said Mr Mawarire.

Mr Zhuwao and Prof Moyo are in self-imposed exile.

They fled the country last November, when the Zimbabwe Defence Forces launched Operation Restore Legacy that saw then President, Mr Robert Mugabe, resigning and Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa becoming President.

While Mr Zhuwao and Prof Moyo are in exile, their counterpart Mr Saviour Kasukuwere returned home on Tuesday after spending over six months outside the country’s borders.

On landing at the Robert Mugabe International Airport, Mr Kasukuwere said life in exile was not easy. The Herald