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24-year-old stabbed to death in gang fight

By Leonard Ncube

A 24 year old man from Lupane was fatally stabbed with a knife in a gang fight on Saturday. Polite Maduna of BH 71 Gegema Village under Chief Menyezwa, sources said, had a misunderstanding with Licious Ndlovu who had insulted him during the day.

Maduna had spent the day doing collective labour (ilima) with other villagers to make bricks at a neighbour’s homestead before he was killed around 8PM.

His elder sister Ms Catelia Maduna narrated the events leading to her brother’s death.

“They had a misunderstanding with a villager called Licious Ndlovu as they were making bricks during the day. The two started arguing when Licious insulted him,” said Ms Maduna.

She said her brother and Ndlovu later made peace but Ndlovu’s gang was not happy about it.

“Licious’ younger brother Obriel, Davison Mlambo and others later came and asked why he did not beat up Polite,” she said.

Licious allegedly tried to calm his brother and gang to no avail as they accused him of being a coward.

The attackers allegedly later ambushed Maduna at Gazaland Shopping Area.

Mlambo allegedly drew a knife which he gave to Obriel who then stabbed Maduna in the right arm and armpit.

The Chronicle was told that Maduna’s young brother Major and some friends fled from the scene and hid in a bus which was parked at the shops.

The attackers fled when the bus driver flashed lights at them.

Maduna died on the spot and Major rushed to inform his mother who was attending a church service at the nearby Dandanda Roman Catholic Mission.

Maduna’s body was taken to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for a post-mortem yesterday.

Police sources said Licious, Mlambo and a third suspect had been arrested while Obriel was on the run.

Police spokesperson for Matabeleland North province Inspector Siphiwe Makonese could not confirm the murder yesterday. The Chronicle