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Killer T takes new album to Beitbridge

Dancehall singer Killer T will take his new album “Mashoko Anopfuura” to Beitbridge tomorrow when he performs at Pagomba Café.

It will be the first time for the musician to perform at in the border town since he released the album last month.

The musician’s songs “Kufamba KwaPaurosi” and “Hondo” are making waves in the showbiz scene and they are likely to be the most popular in Bitbridge.

Killer T has many other old hits like “Bvunza Tinzwe”, “Dai Zvaibvira” and “Takangodaro” that have made his performances memorable.

Organisers of the show said they are looking forward to a special time with Killer T in Beitbridge.

“Killer T is doing well and his new album is popular in Beitbridge. We feel it is best to bring him to Beitbridge so that people see him on stage performing songs from his new album live. People are eagerly awaiting the show and we know it will be a night to remember,” said one of the organisers.

“Killer T has promised a memorable act and we are confident that everything will go according to plan. The excitement in the town about the show is amazing. Other big musicians recently performed in the town but the excitement has never reached such a level. He is indeed the man of the moment.”

Pagomba Café has hosted various big stars in the country and it is one of the best entertainment joints in the Beitbridge. The Herald