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Error propels waitress

One of Bulawayo’s trendy joints, newly opened Zarah Lounge, is trending on social media for serving ‘Tea born’ instead of T-bone steak.This was after one of the bar and grill’s waitresses by the name Sthokozile (picture) misspelt the order and became an internet sensation after a receipt showing the spelling error was posted on social media.

Thereafter, she became the butt of jokes with people wondering how a person could not spell T-bone.

Some however, were amazed by the exorbitant prices charged by the joint for meals. The order made last Thursday totalled $20 and had T-bone (spelt Tea Born) quoted at $7, Oxtail at $10 and a salad for $3.

But, many were interested in the ‘Tea Born’ with some going as far as hunting for the waitress whose picture they got hold of and immediately shared on social media.

This somehow worked to Sthokozile’s advantage as she managed to get away with murder with most people saying they had forgiven her for the oversight after being mesmerised by her beauty.

Despite this, Zarah Lounge, which is run by Phathisani Nkomo, remains one of the most sought after joints in the city because of its unparalleled service, ambience and good food. The Chronicle