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Externalisation-accused Musakwa wins primaries

Musician-cum-politician, Elias Musakwa‚ named in a list released by President Emmerson Mnangagwa of people who illegally externalised funds, was elected as the Zanu PF nominee for a Bikita West National Assembly seat in chaotic primary polls.

Gospel musician-cum-politician Elias Musakwa
Gospel musician-cum-politician Elias Musakwa

Musakwa allegedly externalised $9 million to Portugal but has reportedly engaged the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) through his lawyers for talks to bring back the loot.

Musakwa’s known business venture is record label Ngaavongwe Records‚ which he bought with the late former air chief marshal‚ Josiah Tungamirai‚ in 2007 from Gramma Records.

Musakwa is said to have externalised $9 million during his time at the RBZ when he was responsible for the procurement of farming equipment under the farm mechanisation programme.

Musakwa reportedly got “bribes” during the Farm Mechanisation Scheme — a project implemented by the government to help newly-resettled farmers with farm implements on a rent-to-buy basis. New farmers got irrigation equipment, brand new tractors, combine harvesters and other implements.

Musakwa was reportedly demanding kickbacks from South African companies which supplied equipment, and moved the cash to Portugal, which raised a red flag fearing there was money laundering going on. Daily News