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ZRP must step up policing in CBD

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) should step up traffic control in Harare’s Central Business District (CBD).

File picture of police roadblock in Zimbabwe
File picture of police roadblock in Zimbabwe

The sight of kombis and mushikashika driving along wrong lanes is now the order of the day in most of the busy streets downtown.

The drivers are also notorious for entering red traffic lights in broad daylight, hence the risk of accidents with law-abiding motorists who are caught unaware.

The locking of cars at road intersections during peak hours is usually caused by drivers who ignore traffics lights. It is sad that when the ZRP withdrew services from its unpopular roadblocks, it also withdrew from its policing duties, especially in the CBD.

There is rampant lawlessness on the city’s roads that visiting motorists cannot negotiate their way out once caught up in the CBD traffic madness.

A drive that should normally take five minutes can take over an hour or even more, especially when it is raining. Drivers must be patient because most of them are so reckless and their mischief is causing the loss of precious lives through avoidable accidents.

Equally disturbing is the presence of vendors, especially during the evening, who park their laden carts on the roads.

Some of them bring truck-loads of groceries and they put shop on the roads, hence making them inaccessible. And it seems it’s now a big racket involving major wholesale dealers because the volumes of groceries now available on the streets and displayed in lorries point to big shops.

It is interesting that the ZRP traffic department has let vendors invade and close busy roads while they fold their hands.

With increased human traffic during peak hours and the confusion caused by the presence of vendors’ push-carts, pick pockets are having a field day as they operate in syndicates stealing wallets and phones from unsuspecting crowds.

The absence of the ZRP at bus termini like the 4th Street and the Show Grounds has led to innocent passengers losing their valuables as touts harass them at will.

While Operation Restore Order had disarmed some of the ZRP functions, we think it is time the police took to its policing roles in the CBD.

We need to see the police patrol busy streets and monitor bus termini because people have been vulnerable to rogue elements that harass them at will.

Unlike in the past, it now takes hours for the police to attend a traffic accident because they are no longer in the vicinity.

Our roads should not be a jungle while the police watch as though they are enjoying the drama.

And we need to see the police patrolling our communities; just their presence scares away criminals. DailyNews