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Gardener, maid love turns sour

By Yemurai Ushamba

A Bulawayo maid has told a court that she feels betrayed by a man she met when he was a gardener, only for him to divorce her when he qualified as a teacher after studying using her money.

File picture of a maid
File picture of a maid

This emerged in court yesterday when Sipho Dube dragged his ex-wife Ms Martha Dube to the Maintenance Court seeking a downward variation from $200 to $90 for the upkeep of their child.

The woman told the magistrate that when they met, they agreed that one of them should study so as to later help the other.

“Your Worship, I laboured for this man to be what he is today. When we first met he was a garden boy and I was a maid. We then decided that one of us has to go to school so that our children can have a better life. We decided that he goes first and I would go after he had completed his education,” Ms Dube said.

“I worked extra days as a maid to fund his education. He met his current wife when he was still in college and a few months after he graduated he dumped me. I wasted my money and time on him.”

She said she still works as a maid but has enrolled at a college for studies.

“I do not agree that the money be reduced. I pay for my school fees and I also have to contribute to my daughter’s life. His child (with new wife) does not incur a lot of expenses since he is still breastfeeding,”said Ms Dube.

Dube told the Bulawayo magistrate court that he had remarried and that he has a child with his wife.

“I earn $460 as a teacher. I am married and I have one child with my wife. I was ordered to pay $200 and I have been paying without defaulting. My wife and child depend on me since she is not employed. I also have other expenses. I request that the money for the upkeep of my child be reduced from $200 to $90 a month,” he said.

Bulawayo magistrate Mr Franklin Mkhwananzi reduced the money Dube pays for maintenance from $200 to $100.The Chronicle