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Man threatens to axe father

By Michael Magoronga

A man from Zhombe, Midlands Province is living in fear of his son who is reportedly threatening to axe him for refusing to perform rituals that they were ordered to do by a traditional healer.

Jilted man axes wife at her parents’ homeCuthbert Zvareva sought refuge at the Kwekwe Civil Court where he is seeking a protection order against his son Joseph Zvareva whom he alleges tried to poison him to death for refusing to follow orders given by the traditional healer.

Joseph is also reportedly continuously threatening to axe his father for refusing to abide by the inyanga’s orders.

Events leading to the threats are that sometime ago, Joseph fell sick and visited a traditional healer who told him there was a problem in the family caused by his father. He then prescribed certain rituals to be conducted by the father and said he wanted to see him, something that the father turned down.

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That did not go down well with Joseph who has been threatening to kill his father for not valuing his life. Cuthbert sought refuge at the courts and told magistrate Miss Vimbai Mutukwa that he was living in fear.

“My son is a violent person, I am living in fear that he might axe me any time. Some time ago he tried to kill me by poisoning my food and he threatened to axe me,” said Zvareva.

Joseph consented that his father was letting him down by refusing to visit the traditional healer and perform certain rituals.

“I am not opposed to his application but the problem emanated when I fell sick and approached the traditional healer who told me he wanted to see my father,” said Joseph.

He said what worried him was his father’s arrogance to do the rituals that the inyanga ordered and that pains him as it shows he does not value his life.

“He refused to see the traditional healer and let alone to perform the rituals, so he does not care about me,” said Joseph.

Magistrate Mutukwa ordered the two to maintain peace between them and granted the order in favour of Cuthbert. The Sunday News