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Donel wins worldwide fame

By Bridget Mananavire

He might not have scooped the top prize in The Voice UK, but Donel Mangena has won fame, together with his Zimbabwe-based grandmother — Nita — who seems to have charmed the UK with her dance moves and charisma.

Donel Mangena

Appearing on ITV’s This morning, Donel’s grandmother Nita said if allowed she would join her grandson when he preforms for the Queen later this month.

Nita joined Donel on stage during his final performance, and some people are, however, saying she jeopardised his winning chances.

“Were you worried the security men were going to run and lift her off?” This morning co-presenter Eamonn asked.

“No, because funny enough I think Will (Will.i.am) went on and got her and I was on stage and I was like oh is that my grandma, I just enjoyed it, obviously I was planning to go and sing on the wings and stuff but I stopped all of that and enjoyed it with my grandma,” Donel replied.

“So where did you learn to dance like that Nita, show me those moves,” Eamonn turned to Nita who stood up and started dancing with one of the presenters.

“You are a mover Nita, have you always liked dancing?” Ruth asked.

“Yes I think so but at the moment I had utterly forgotten about it, I last danced when I was at school. I am very very proud and very very happy, I prayed every time for Donel to go to the finals.” Grandma Nita said.

They then discussed about how Donel included Ndebele in his performances.

“I like putting a variety to my performances so with ‘cold water’ I thought it would be cool to add Ndebele which is a language in Zimbabwe, that was fun, I like exploring a lot.

“I’m just really excited for us, we have been to the studio and I am really excited for Ruti (winning contestant) and I am as happy as her because I was in the final, I was top two, so I am buzzing.”

Responding to a question from Ruth on what is coming next, Donel said: “Funny enough because I performed twice on the Voice and Prince Harry saw me perform and he wrote to me and said you are awesome on The Voice and I would like you to come and perform for my grandma, “And Nita said she would be there to watch her talented grandson perform for the queen. “If they give me that chance I can dance on the stage,” she added.

Eamonn then said grandma was his sort of girl, wanting to lift her up. DailyNews