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Tytan pays lobola for Olinda, but was it his money?

By Bongani Ndlovu

Rapper Tytan who is in love with United Kingdom-based businesswoman, Olinda Chapel, over the weekend shared a video of him paying bride price (lobola) for his fiancée setting the ball rolling for the couple to tie the knot soon.

Tytan and Olinda
Tytan and Olinda

The Bho singer shared a video of the ceremony on his Facebook page as he said, “Olinda is now married”. Relatives are shown in the video singing and ululating during the traditional ceremony.The shared video, however, raised eyebrows when wards of British pounds were spotted in a tray and handed over to another woman for safekeeping.

Some followers allege that Olinda paid her own lobola through Tytan who was spotted in Bulawayo over the weekend.

When Olinda got married to Stunner almost two years go, similar allegations came up.

Other people, however, defended Tytan saying he was spending a lot of time in the United Kingdom and he could have raised the money through shows that he performed last year.

Messages accompanying Olinda’s Instagram pictures suggest that the wedding will be held early next month.

Following the traditional lobola ceremony, the two held a lavish lobola/roora after party where Olinda shared pictures with Tytan’s aunts who she believes have given her thumbs up.This will be Olinda’s third marriage on the trot and she says she has learnt from her past experiences like a student who has been corrected from their mistakes.

“Kana dofo rino passer nema corrections, nokuti rinenge raudzwa ma answer na teacher #mrsnkomo <https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/mrsnkomo/> (even a dull person can pass corrections because they would’ve been told the answers by the teacher),” posted Olinda.

Two months ago Tytan shared a picture of him apparently in talks with wedding planners Craig Zoowie and Lungile Dlodlo from VIP Hosting captioned “done deal”.

Dlodlo is the founder of VIP Hosting, a prominent wedding planning and events management company in Harare.

At the same time, on Olinda’s timeline, she shared a picture of Tytan, Zoowie, Dlodlo and another wedding planner Tendai Zhou and questioned: “What are they possibly discussing?”

Also, a perusal on Instagram revealed a page named #BeingMrsNkomo, which features some pictures of Olinda as she tries to chronicle her journey to the day she walks down the aisle to be Tytan’s wife.

Olinda burst onto the local showbiz scene through an emotional Facebook Live video shoot in which she narrated how she was heartbroken by her husband’s infidelity.  The Chronicle