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Mono is numero uno, says Zindi

By Takudzwa Chihambakwe

“I met Mono when he was still a youngster and I had just returned from the UK where I was studying. He played his guitar for me and though he was a bit afraid I was dazzled but did not tell him. He was a much better player than I was.

Mono Mukundu at his Monolio Studios
Mono Mukundu at his Monolio Studios

“As soon as he left, I called Louis Mhlanga whom I rated as the best Zimbabwean musician, and I told him that ‘I have found your match’,” narrated music critic, Professor Fred Zindi, to guests at Clive Mono Mukundu’s 30th anniversary in the music industry at Theatre in the Park, Harare last Wednesday.

“I know that Mono and Louis went on to work together. Many years have gone by and I am not sure who is better than who but I can say Mono is the best guitarist we have in Zimbabwe,” added Zindi.

Zindi’s PhD is in Educational Psychology. So he certainly knows a thing or two about books, and on Wednesday, Mono also launched his second book.

“This new book by Mono titled ‘Poor and Famous’ touches on some key issues that affect musicians in Zimbabwe. It highlights the cycles that musicians go through from when they are novices till they are big names in the sector.

“It reminds me of the global icons, Bhundu Boys, how they rose and fell from glory. It is a must read,” lauded Zindi.

An elated Mono thanked fans for their support.

“I am so humbled by the support that you have given me and that which you continue to give me in my musical journey,” said Mono.

“When we were organising this event my committee and I just made a few copies of the DVD, CD and book as we thought they would be enough for the night but I am astonished to say that all the copies for each product have been sold out.” The Sunday Mail