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Oskido boosts Zodwa’s career

South Africa kwaito/house music guru, Oskido might have just given fading entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu the push she needed by featuring her on his Serope music video that has already sparked controversy.

Zodwa Wabantu features on Serope video in a revealing dress
Zodwa Wabantu features on Serope video in a revealing dress

The video that is still in its production stages has shocked many because of Zodwa’s skimpy outfit that leaves nothing to imagination.

Never one shy to flaunt her assets, Zodwa, a self-proclaimed nudist is captured wearing what seems like an unfinished tiny gold dress that has absolutely nothing at the back except for two thin straps that are holding the dress up.

This has undeniably made her reclaim her glory and put her back in the limelight like the Durban July period two years ago where she rocked up in a revealing outfit with no panties.

She is likely proud of this latest controversy because for her, it brings in money and boosts her career that was slowly fading.

For Oskido though, it’s a different story as followers on his social media sites where he shared pictures of the video shoot seem disappointed by their icon as they are bashing him for associating his brand with ‘nudity’.

Most suggested that Oskido should not be promoting her as she is bad influence to the upcoming generation.

“Oskido, you’re supporting this nakedness of Zodwa? What message are you sending to the kids?” questioned one Kamogelo Mary on Facebook.

Another William Ndlovu concurred: “Oskido, what are your kids saying about this photo you shared? As far as we (society) are concerned, this is embarrassing and you shouldn’t entertain this. The respect and influence you earned from all these years can be tarnished in just an hour.”

Some blamed Zodwa for her immorality quizzing if it was necessary for her to appear nude on the video while everyone else was fully dressed.

“Everyone else around is clothed. Is there a need to be going around naked? Does this woman have a family, what is her mum saying? Parents we have failed the nation,” said one.

Others, however, defended Oskido and Zodwa saying people needed to stop judging her, citing other music videos where women had also featured skimpily dressed.

“Does anybody know the music video of Ricky Rick and Cassper, Zulu Girl? Those people are also naked but people like to judge just because it’s Zodwa. Come on people, let’s leave Zodwa alone as she’s just trying to make money,” wrote Lovers Ngobeni.

Oskido, who has been in the showbiz for more than 20 years seemed unscathed by the feedback, but actually excited by the hype the forthcoming video is getting.

Zodwa as usual did not care about people’s negative feedback as it was business as usual for her.

“Impilo ayincengwa . . . Given the job, I take it serious as long as I’m with those who know the road before me. I care less what society wants from me,” wrote Zodwa on an Instagram post where she shared images of the video shoot.

Explaining the dress choice, Zodwa said people needed to loosen up and stop catching feelings.

“It’s a dress thong. Yekelani ukuba serious, nizosheshe nife (stop being too serious otherwise you’ll die soon),” before she propped herself up saying “I bring all the boys to the yard”.

Enjoying working with Oskido, Zodwa said she hoped her alliance with him would open more doors for her.

But before judging Zodwa and Oskido, people needed to establish what the music video was all about.

Serope is loosely translated to mean thigh and Oskido likely roped in Zodwa as the lead video vixen because she is the queen of Vosho, the leg game in South Africa. The Chronicle