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Davido’s latest trick

By Robert Mukondiwa

This may sound like another very, very bad joke. But Davido. Yes that boy who always comes but never comes? Well he is back again ‘‘promising’’ to be in the country on April 21.


This time his video drop has an additional phrase. He will be back ‘‘for real’’ this time he says. So he did know he was a fraud.

Backed by shady business maverick Genius ‘‘Ginimbi’’ Kadungure, Davido says he will certainly hit Zimbabwe’s shores just after independence.

As expected, social media went into overdrive as the Webosphere caught on with memes and people throwing shade.

Few are convinced the Nigerian singer is definitely coming this time around given his probably record setting THREE no shows no less.

A video meme making rounds had Davido announcing that he would be coming wherein he is interrupted immediately by a clip of former acerbic First Lady Grace Mugabe’s ‘‘unopenga” rant; dismissing Davido has fibbing yet again.

Others speculated that since a new “sponsor” is needed to back the show, that could be evidence that the 2 kings Entertainment lump which successfully sponsored the most consistent no-shows in history may have had no coins in their pocket to fund the Davido show hence their courting the real money.

Either way many are not holding their breath about Davido really coming round this time around. Holding one’s breath may lead to death by asphyxiation! The Herald