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Woman assaults husband’s mistress

A woman from Chikanga suburb in Mutare, who couldn’t stomach the thought of her husband in the arms of another woman, decided to assault her husband’s girlfriend, which has resulted in her arrest.

Gina Mature appeared before Mutare magistrate Ms Perseverance Makala and was convicted on her own plea of guilty.

Mr Fletcher Karombe represented the State. The court heard that on January 17, 2018, Mature slapped Nunurai Rakabopa several times on her face and went on to bite her on the left arm, accusing her of having an extramarital affair with her husband.

It was also proven that the following day, on January 18, she proceeded to Rakabopa’s place of residence and upon arrival, proceeded into the house where she took an iron bar and hit Rakabopa once on the back before dragging her by her hair.

When she was quizzed on why she visited the complaint’s house, Mature indicated that she wanted to collect her husband’s clothes.

“I went to collect my husband’s clothes, which he had left at her house, your Worship,” she said.

Rakabopa, who is 20-years-old and a student at First Class Academy, sustained injuries as a result of the attack.

She also sustained bite marks on her left wrist.

She filed a report with the police after the assault, leading to Mature’s arrest.

In her defence, Mature insisted that Rakabopa and her friends ganged up on her and had started the fight.

She was convicted because of the overwhelming evidence against her. The Herald