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Joyous Celebration founder Lindelani survives heart attack

Joyous Celebration founder Lindelani Mkhize spent three nights in a Durban hospital after he suffered a heart attack last Tuesday. The health scare was so serious that the giant gospel group decided to keep the incident a secret when told about it.

Lindelani Mkhize

An upbeat Mkhize told Sunday World at the weekend that he was grateful to be alive.

Mkhize said the doctors told him it was a heart attack but he assured the public and his fans that he was recovering.

“The doctor said I suffered a heart attack. I was too tired. I’m out of the hospital now and I’ll continue to work but take it slow, just like the doctor ordered,” he said.

He said he was in Durban when the incident happened.

“I woke up in hospital but I’m glad that I’m fine and please tell my fans that I’m resting as the doctor instructed. I’m going back to Joburg because I have some meetings so I want to be well rested when I attend those meetings,” Mkhize said.

“I’ll still make sure my fans get the best of Joyous Celebration music,” he said.Mkhize also said the doctor would still brief him about what caused the attack.

“For now they just said it’s fatigue and I understand because we work very hard. I’ll hear from the doctors when they have done full tests.”

One of the members of the choir told Sunday World that members were terrified when they received the news about Mkhize’s heart attack.

“The choir decided to keep it hush-hush for privacy reasons. We wanted him to recover without the attention of the public because it was bad and we didn’t know what would happen. A heart attack is unpredictable,” said the singer, who asked not to be named.

Mkhize’s business partner and friend, Jabu Hlongwane, said Mkhize was doing just fine.

“He’s fine now. As we speak, he is coming back to Joburg for the Joyous Celebration live recording,” said Hlongwane. — SundayWorld