It’s disturbing that Majee’s successes and popularity made him turn his back on Zimbabwe instead of staying around or relocate to the US and visit frequently.

    Despite his relatives in Zimbabwe stating they were still in touch with Magee, the muso seems to be far from returning home.

    If Majaivana never sets foot in Zimbabwe again, the US would have truly robbed the country of its splendid gem, treasure and icon that will forever be celebrated by fans.

    Award winning star, Madlela said unlike Majaivana who left the country despite being loved by home fans, he will never leave Zimbabwe as long as fans appreciate what he offers.

    “In life you can expect anything but not leaving my motherland for good. Home is best. My home fans are the reasons I have become a well-known figure. They support me so much. Why would I decide to leave them for a foreign land? However, I wish Majaivana returns home and continue sharing his talent to fans who still adore him. It would be nice to share the stage and collaborate with Majaivana,” he said.

    After a successful debut album which saw him hog the limelight in 2017, Madlela said he is working on projects that are set to be debuted in August; a time when the festive season hits are dropped making it clear that the Rhumba sensation wants to end the year on a high note once again.

    “I will continue giving fans my best. Every artiste wants to please his or her followers. I will be sharing brand new hits in August this year,” he added.

    As the Bulawayo Arts Awards approaches and fans wait patiently for the announcement of nominees, the “Axeman” will be hoping to hog the limelight yet again. The Sunday News