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The bra hack you will love

By Yoliswa Dube

My heart broke when I saw pictures of Samantha ‘Misred’ Mussa in her Nama dress recently. It was such a beautiful gown but her beige bra straps spoiled it for me!

They were such a distraction to that green peace of beauty and I must say, the bra straps took away a whole lot from the look. I can totally relate to her need for a good bra though.

l’m a D cup too, but there are ways of going around gowns that have no room for a bra without wearing a bra or showing bra straps.

Not so long ago, I had to wear a dress with a plunging neckline and a very low back.

It was one of those purchases I wouldn’t ordinarily make because of the administration issues the dress came with but this was a very special dress.

It was too pretty and I just wasn’t ready to walk away from it because of bra strap issues.

I had to try and figure out how to get the perfect cleavage without showing bra straps but the dress wouldn’t allow for a strapless or silicon bra. I did say l’m a D cup so silicon or strapless would’nt have worked anyway – there would be no support.

So guess what I used? Adhesive bandage. Yep, bandage; and it did such an AMAZING job -if I may say so myself!

Unlikely huh? I know! But you won’t believe how perfectly it works.

You might be wondering how to do it but it’s actually easy.

All you need is two rolls of adhesive bandages, a scissors and someone to help you.

All you want to do is to tape your breasts up by forming a cup, using the adhesive bandage and making sure it suits the needs of your dress.

You tape on the bandage from below each boob up to a point where the dress sits on your chest area and cut the bandage on there.

Tape on the bandage strips repeatedly, overlapping each other to make sure each of your breasts are firm and adequately lifted.

While strapping, make sure you neatly cut off the edges to suit your neckline.

Make sure you do this while in front of a mirror and ensure you’re shaping the bandage well to cup your boobs perfectly.

And don’t worry about the bandage coming off-it won’t!

It lasted me a whole 12 hours and it was still intact when I was ready to remove it!

Just make sure your skin around the area you want to tape on is clean and dry. Do not apply lotion or powder on the area.

It will weaken the adhesive on the bandage.

When I bought my dress, the salesperson recommended duck tape but when I tried it, it wasn’t forming quite the perfect cup. It was also apparent that it would be less sticky if it got wet.

The good part about the adhesive bandage is that it’s absorbent and it’s medical so it’s safe to use.

Try it, and trust me, you’ll enjoy flawless looks from those seemingly bra-unfriendly garments of yours. The Chronicle