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Pastors threaten Nceku: Facebook fan page video draws ire of clegymen

By Bongani Ndlovu

Gospel comedian Nceku (Thubelihle Sibanda) claims that he has been receiving threats of banishment from pastors of various churches if he does not pull down his skit castigating clergymen for neglecting the youth in their congregations.


The video on his Facebook fan page titled Tshiyani ukusiwongorora bafundisi (loosely translated colloquially meaning stop despising us) has garnered over 14 000 views, 230 shares and 600 likes.

In the three minute video clip Nceku says instead of pastors helping the youth face their challenges they looked down on them labelling them wicked, worthless and hopeless.

“A church has been known as a place of love where servants of God should embrace us; teach us the ways of the Lord in love and understanding. Instead we are being judged and looked at like evil, useless, hopeless idiots,” said Nceku.

While almost all the over 1 000 comments supported Nceku, the comedian claimed that his Facebook Messenger has been flooded with communication from pastors to pull down the post.

“I have received a number of messages on my inbox, pastors saying I was wrong and I should pull down the video as it is crude. I am not pulling it down,” said Nceku.

“Comedy brings out issues that are at times naturally hard to bring across. Get dictionaries if you got offended.”

Nceku went on to allege that some clerics have threatened to banish him from their church functions.

“One man came to threaten that he will never invite me to his church and so shall my career suffer. Little did he know that I don’t associate with churches that do not preach the true gospel of Christ. Secondly, my monthly rentals and well-being is on a good state with or without his church,” said Nceku.
“The message was simple; pastors please understand young people and help them out of love. Thank you to the pastors that have stood with young people.

I can write an endless list.”

For Nceku, the whole furore has inspired him to make plans to host a talk show that addresses the concerns of the youth.

“After a video I did, I realise Christians have a lot of issues that are bottled up that need to be addressed. I’ve approached a production crew and we are working on a new talk show. It might take ages to commence but it’s on its way. The truth will be unleashed through comedy,” said Nceku. The Chronicle