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Chicco denies involvement in Senzo death

Veteran music producer, Chicco Twala, has revealed that he would have had no problem reporting his son Langa, to the police if he was involved in the death of Orlando Pirates shot-stopper Senzo Meyiwa.

Chicco Twala

This comes after allegations that Chicco’s gun had disappeared around the time of the incident, raising suspicion about his and his son’s involvement in the murder.

Speaking to Masechaba and Mo Flava on Metro FM’s breakfast show, Chicco promptly denied his gun was ever missing.

“It wasn’t missing. My firearm is always with me. I got it in 1989 and it is always in my safe, it has never been fired,”

He went on to say that he could only talk for himself and not on behalf of his adult son, whom he rarely saw.

“I rushed to the house. I found Kelly, Longwe and another childhood friend of Senzo’s. Senzo was lying there. They said two guys came in and wanted to rob them. I don’t want to talk on behalf of Longwe. He’s an adult. I want to talk about my part.”

He said he would not stand in the way of justice if his son was involved.

“If Longwe had killed Senzo, I promise you Masechaba, I would be the first person to act. I don’t care. He’s my son. But if he killed Senzo, I would have pushed for him to go to jail. Leave me out of this thing. I wasn’t there.” — Daily Sun.