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Housewife wins C-Class Merc

By Austin Karonga

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Baker's Inn launch the buy and win promotion 2017 at a local hotel in Bulawayo
Baker’s Inn launch the buy and win promotion 2017 at a local hotel in Bulawayo

Cecilia Musami of Mbare also won a Merc but was unable to make it to the event to claim her prize.

Married to Augustine Maphosa, Koronariyo said she was shocked by her win which she thought was only the domain of the wealthy.

“I’m overjoyed, it feels like a dream. I think I will only be able to get back to my senses after the night falls. When I received a call informing me that I had won a Mercedes Benz, I didn’t believe it. In fact, I thought maybe there were Satanists trying to find their way to my soul,” a super-excited 25-year-old house wife and mother of one told the Daily News.

“I phoned my sister Ellen Jackson and together we made the long trip to Harare Gardens and there it was, the dream turned to reality. This was my first year to participate in the promotion because I thought it was all hoax.

“How on earth could I win a car given the population we have of Bakers Inn consumers but I guess I was wrong. This is an honest and transparent competition. I will think about what to do with the car. I don’t have a (driver’s) licence yet, but it’s something that I’m going to work on going forward.”

To enter the promotion, one had to buy two loaves of bread and cut out the word ‘‘promotion’’ and attach it to an entry coupon which would then be dropped into the nearest Bakers Inn redemption box in store.

Instant prizes were also won during countrywide road shows where 11 Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicles were doled out to winners.

Other prizes were state-of-the-art freezer, high-tech LED TV and many more.

The promotion ran from October 2 with the first grand draw held on December 9 then the final one on Saturday.

Bakers Inn is moving to claim the biggest chunk of the country’s million-loaves-a-day market share by the close of 2018. Bakers Inn financial director Mandla Nkosi said the promotion was targeting low income earners across the country as a corporate social responsibility move.

“We are very excited as Bakers Inn. If you look at the women, most of them are at the end of the raw deal, they are vendors in most cases and obviously Bakers Inn has naturally changed the lives of these women,” Nkosi told the Daily News after the draw.

“I think it was a very successful draw that went throughout the whole country, all the 10 provinces and it was well-attended. From a business point of view, this draw impacted positively on our sales, they grew significantly and the excitement on our brand as well it really took our brand to another level.” DailyNews