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It’s Winky D’s night at HICC

By Problem Masau

The night will never fall in Harare but rather rise when Winky D launches his album at Harare International Conference Centre to an adhering and adoring crowd that has stood with him since his formative years.

Winky D

What is left for Winky D is to deliver or deceive on the grand stage after 2 Kings Entertainment, the music promoter behind the singer, left no stone unturned to make the album launch of “Gombwe” a success. It’s a first for Winky D in many facets.

For the first time in a career that spans more than a decade, the self-styled Bigman is launching an album in front of the public. For the first time, the man who gave the nation the hit song “Mafirakureva” is celebrating his birthday with a legion of his fans.

For the first time, Winky D is on Harare’s bill-boards not advertising circumcision for a local NGO or cellphone company, but his own album. And for the first time, the musician will share the stage with Vabati VaJehovah, an apostolic outfit.

So what should the fans expect?

“The show will go down memory lane as one of Winky D’s best performances. This show is personal to him in many ways,” said his manager Jonathan Banda.

Winky D’s prowess on stage is well documented. When on his turf, the singer has even managed to beat the Jamaicans to their game. In the year that Beenie Man was on top of his game in 2010, he was enticed to mention Winky D’s name at a press conference after the Ninja President stole the limelight at a Lion Lager Show in the capital.

Winky D recently collaborated with the Jamaican singer on the song “My Woman”. Popcaan and Kalado surely have a story to tell in their motherland of a certain music genius in Zimbabwe who reduced them to be mere curtain-raisers.

On a normal day, Winky D is a fiery performer, an energy god with a lot of popular hits that fans can relate to. Will Winky D replicate his past performances? Tonight is the night. The herald