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Baker’s Inn sales up 22pc

By Letwin Nyambayo

Baker’s Inn has projected a 22 percent growth in sales this year due to the company’s aggressive marketing campaign. The bread maker’s financial director Mandla Nkosi said Baker’s Inn Buy and Win Promotion was a trump card on the anticipated increased sales.

Baker’s Inn workers package bread at their Bulawayo plant in Belmont.

“Last year we achieved a growth of 20 percent and we can confidently say, for every two loaves consumed in this country, one loaf is from Baker’s Inn, that’s how much we have grown.

“As Baker’s Inn, we always believe in growth. If you noticed our first prize when we started the promotion was a Honda fit, then we moved to a VW Polo and this year it’s a Mercedes Benz — indicative of our growth as an organisation.

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“Our consumers and our customers realise that Baker’s Inn bread is the only bread that delivers real value to them whether its value to their hunger or financials,” he said, adding that the Innscor Africa subsidiary injected $1 million into the Buy and Win promotion.

“We have spent close to a million and you can imagine it’s quite a bit of money in the current environment, but to us we don’t see it as expenditure but as an investment into our customers, if you look at the type of people who are winning, they are people who really need and deserve the prizes.

“To us it’s an investment, just like buying equipment, we see customers as partners, it doesn’t amount to any loses,” he said.

Baker’s Inn sales and marketing manager executive Caleb Musodza said he was happy with how well people in the 10 provinces they reached out to responded.

“We have had excellent participating crowds and as Baker’s Inn we take pride in taking our brand to where the people are, we don’t just sit in high towers and shout about our brand, we take the brand to where the people are .

“We have been to each province and next week we are going to have our last draw in Harare,” he said.

Lungisani Tshongwe from Phelandaba Bulawayo walked away with a Mercedes Benz. DailyNews