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Blessing Shumba basks in glory

By Tawanda Marwizi

When Mutare-based musician Blessing Shumba stepped into the studio recording his album “My Season” he had the feeling that it was his time to shine. Indeed it has been his time to shine since two songs from the album “My Season” and “Tariro” topped Coca-Cola Radio Zimbabwe Top 50 charts.

Blessing Shumba in action

For landing first and second positions, Shumba will pocket $4 500 prize money. In a recent interview, the musician joked about how he had an argument with his wife over selection of songs for the album before they recorded it.

When they finally agreed on the arrangement, they went into the studio and recorded did the album. A day after the album release, the musician was contacted by Onias Sanangura, director of Ring Driving School who asked the musician to be their ambassador after he was impressed by the new release.

Marketing and distribution was done by Ring Driving School and they did several shows across the country.

The deal saw the musician getting a state-of-the-art PA system from the driving school. Adding on to that he has established a recording studio in Mutare called Psalmist Studios.

“I had plans to establish such a big studio but resources were not permitting, but God intervened through Ring Driving School,” he said.

Two months old now, the studio has already recorded some artistes from Mutare and Harare. Shumba said he has passion for music and he will be assisting upcoming musicians in recording their albums.

“It’s not about me only but those who are upcoming musicians. My support to them will continue and I am happy that so far they are coming,” he said.

One artist who has since benefited from the album is Robson Muzanenhamo an upcoming musician who recorded his debut al bum “Shoko Kuvanhu” at the studio. Since its establishment he has already recorded more than 20 songs.

“As we assist fellow musicians we also record our songs so that we take time to perfect them.” Though he has producers at the studio, he will engage other producers like Laiton Ngolomi for his upcoming album.

We will call producers here to come and work with us. We want the best from this province,” he said. Apart from the PA system and the studio his deal with Ring Driving School saw the company buying him a Nissan Hardbody (Wolf) for use during his tours. The Herald