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Attempt to smear ZEC’s decision is unfortunate

The attempt to crank a smear campaign against ZEC’s decision to award a tender to IPSIDY is unfortunate.

A mock exercise by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission on the use of the biometric voter registration (Picture by NewsDay)

As a point of clarity, the de-duplication process is meant to eliminate repeated copies of data in the biometric system.

As far as we are concerned it is more than just a de-duplication process but a default auditing process of the voter registration exercise.

We therefore state with no fear of contradiction that no one must be allowed to audit
themselves let alone in a matter relating to the right to vote.

It is this process which ensures everyone has similar voting rights, a principle which even the liberation struggle was anchored on, the idea of “one man one vote.”

The attempt by Laxton to wrestle this tender from IPSIDY must therefore be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Laxton got the contract to supply BVR kits which kits they supplied, that must not be used as basis to hold the commission at ransom by demanding that every other contract relating to BVR be awarded to them.

In any case there were unsettling stories about the days that are unaccounted for before the kits were delivered to ZEC even when it was clear that Laxton had already cleared them into the country.

This speculation can only be cleared by the de-duplication process being awarded to a different player, this is the only stage which provides checks and balances on data manipulation therefore Laxton must not be involved.

Without trying to imply any political influence in this whole debacle, we urge any political party that might want to interfere to just refrain from that behaviour.

It is political interference which have derailed electoral sustainability in Zimbabwe we are therefore very much worried about any attempt to undermine the independence of the electoral body.

We have always had reservations with ZEC based on its previous record of partisan bias including its constitution and its staffing. Our position on this matter must therefore not be mistaken as a holistic vote of confidence on ZEC.

We are treating this case separately and we strongly feel the commission made the right decision which must be respected.

We are even prepared to take up the matter with the courts as an interested party in response to the case before the High Court.

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