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Letter From America: The mad year is over! Thank God!

By Ken Mufuka

As the year comes to an end, the war against men is intensifying. The Never Trump Progressives are coming out with guns blazing.

President-elect Donald Trump and current President Barack Obama and an hour-long meeting at the White House on Wednesday morning
President-elect Donald Trump and then current President Barack Obama and an hour-long meeting at the White House

Those men, who have fallen have come together and found that their accusers were being paid by shadowy organisations.

In Alabama, black women have been wearing insignias saying: “Don’t blame us. We voted for Hillary Clinton.”

But serious damage has been done to innocent bystanders. Let us begin with an innocent sounding case. Young college educated computer savvy entrepreneurs found that they could make lots of money through online newspapers, if they made their name by drawing scoops.

These entrepreneurs did not realise that their scoops were planted by feminists against President Donald Trump.

Let me introduce the trials and tribulations of lesser men. Eric W works at a local factory. As he was planning to leave work, and fearing to be caught up in the rush hour, he was reluctant to spend too much time on the phone with a woman who wanted him to phone her office.

Three days later, he was called to the Office. A 10 page document was on display detailing the nature of “harassing offenses attributed to him”.

“We want you to sign below, just to be sure that we have informed you of the charges.”
The next day, he received his paycheck and a pink slip, warning him never to be seen on company property ever again

. This is the first time that he was told of the word “harasser”. That was in 2003. Eric still feels bad about it. He swears he called the woman because she had left a note that he calls her.

Now, let us see what is happening to very important men.

Matt Lauer, chief anchorman at National Broadcasting Corporation for 20 years was known for his childish but embarrassing questioning of guests. Advertisers generated $1 billion dollars a year. He took home $25 million per year.

He was the man to interview another super anchorman, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. O’Reilly’s show was number one in the cable news business. He was paid $15 million a year.

While on a cruise, he heard over television news that he had been let go.

No interview. No nothing. No telephone calls even. He heard on the evening news. “Mr Bill O’Reilly, whose show has been number one on cable news will not be returning to FoxNews. He is vacationing in the Mediterranean.”

“Over the last six months since your firing, have you done some soul searching? Have you done some reflection and have you looked at the way you treated women?” Lauer asked O’Reilly, a Catholic, the way a Holy Father would ask at confession.

O’Reilly tried to defend himself, Lauer cut him off.

“Yes, that may be so, but the girl may be telling the truth about you,” Lauer went for the kill.

The juicy part is following. Three months later, Lauer’s girl-friend was called and interviewed by high powered lawyers. When she was 24, she had served as a college intern and was madly in love with Lauer.

Yes, she knew he was married, she loved him anyway. He was very nice to her and had helped her get her own gig in New York.

The lawyers convinced her that Lauer was a white male power drunk harasser and had taken advantage of a young intern, just like President Bill Clinton had done with Monica Lewinsky. This is sexual assault.

The harasser was called in, given his papers. No questions asked. No trial. He was a predator. 20 years at NBC had come to an ignominious end.

The story becomes even juicier. One of the powerful feminist lawyers is Lisa Bloom. O’Reilly sent a group of sharp New York lawyers to “dig her out”.

The history of Ms. Bloom will send a chilling sensation down the spine of any man.

A woman was on display before a “bunch of news reporters”. She was crying and the lawyer was passing on some paper towels. “I was in my dressing room, waiting to be called to the boardwalk when Trump came to the back.

I felt very uncomfortable because I was wearing nothing under my robes.”.
She added for effect. “I didn’t know that this man, who looked at me like a piece of flesh, was going to be president. He must resign”.

When did this happen? It was perhaps in 2003. Trump owned Ms USA competition and that there were 50 women competing at any one time.

These women stayed in the dressing rooms with their chaperons and dressers. Most of these chaperons were gay men.

Brother Magomo, I am feeling uncomfortable because I am naked under my three piece suit.

These women were being paid to denounce Trump.

harassed them. One of the accusers asked for as much as $2 million, but was offered $750 000. She declined the money and never came forward.”

Bloom offered to provide a new identity, take her out of New York, pay her mortgage and send her daughter to college.

TAX FREE. Is it possible Bloom represented some powerful people, or perhaps the government itself? Who has power to give a client a tax free ride? Your guess is as good as mine. Merry Christmas! The Financial Gazette