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Bev wins continental dance contest

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda on stage
Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda on stage (Picture by NewsDay)

This is the second time Bev has won the Africa Storm Dancehall clash, a unique contest because the winner is determined by the crowd and not by a judging panel. The Sexy Angels leader first won the competition two years ago.

Bev’s manager, Harpers Mapimhidze, has described the dancer’s latest victory as yet another confirmation of the Sexy Angels leader’s exceptional talent.

“Bev has cemented his position as an outstanding dancer not only in Zimbabwe but in Africa at large. We are so happy to receive the award again this year. We have already lined up a dance fiesta on Wednesday at City Sports Bar in Harare where we will also take the opportunity to celebrate this achievement,” Mapimhidze told Daily News.

According to Mapimhidze, celebratory dance fiesta, dubbed “Bye Bye 2017, Welcome 2018”, will feature Bev and the Sexy Angels, Zoey and the Red Angels, Wasu, Sarah Dee, Peter Kagomere, Pramastove, Fearless, Digital Queens, Unique Queens, Crazy Boys, Four Angels, Mageshi from Bulawayo, Pala Fala, Mandisa Queens, Zero Degrees, All Stars, Kalawa, Red Piston, Naked Weapon and Chocolate among others.

The victory in South Africa is yet another feather in the cap for Bev who recently featured on Congolese music star Koffi Olomide’s video.

Interestingly, Bev was invited to feature on the video after she impressed Koffi during the 2015 Carnival Rhumba night held at the Longcheng Plaza.

Koffi, who has built a faithful fan base internationally over the years, particularly on the continent and is credited for popularising the slower style of Soukous, is the third foreign artiste Bev has collaborated with after South African music star Freddy Gwala and Zimbabwe-based Congolese chanter Gift “Shiga Shiga” Katulika.

Bev, who is also into music, featured Gwala on her song Tshaingoma. The controversial dancer announced her entry into Zimbabwean music five years ago when she released the album Tapinda which includes the hit Tshaingoma which claimed position number 27 in the 2013 edition of the National FM Top 50.

Bev, a serial winner at the annual Dancers Association of Zimbabwe awards, has toured South Africa and United Kingdom.  DailyNews