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Nox: Urban groove’s last man standing

By Sindiso Dube

The local music industry is an ever evolving sector, which has seen names of many urban grooves artists drowning into the deep waters and unlike Titanic, never being mentioned by the lips of man!

Nox Guni
Nox Guni

While the graveyard is littered with names of the dead and un-remembered, if ever there were such a word, Nox Guni is one artist who is ever bulldozing his way against all odds; making sure he stays relevant in what is a cutthroat world no less. His career seems incapable of death.

The graveyard has pretty names; Leonard Mapfumo, 2BG, Betty Makaya, Chrissy B, Xtra Large, Maskiri, Nasty Trix only to mention a few.

These names are some of Nox’s cadres whom he was with in the trenches of urban grooves movement but now lie in artistic Mausoleums. Dead. Never to rise again. Some have careers that have now been cremated.

Many have blamed their demise to the country’s bad economy. They may well be right. But the stubborn Nox, has kept his career on life support on the worst of days and soars beyond the limits of the sky in his very best of days.

The immortal entertainer. Urban grooves is an urban music genre which originated at the turn of the millennium, it encompassed all genres such as dancehall, jazz, hip-hop, soul, and R n’ B.

The genre was further made popular by the then Minister of Information, Jonathan Moyo’s law which entailed 75 percent of content on the airwaves being reserved for locals. This saw the rise of urban musicians who previously couldn’t get their music on radio and also this enabled every Tom, Dick and Harry who called themselves musicians to find it easy to be on radio.

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The rise of the genre brought in new sounds like the famed Chigutiro, Chamhembe compilation albums as well as Maskiri’s controversial albums. Nox, a marketing graduate from Midlands State University is now based in South Africa where he is heading Ice and Roses Entertainment which also deals with event management, has stood the test of time.

He is also involved in fashion designing His career started in 2002 when he took part in a talent show called Superstar when he was still in high school. In 2004 he released his debut album- ‘Wandipengesa’ which carried the hit track ‘Maria’.

In 2007 he teamed up with Tawanda Mugodi and Trevor Dongo to form a group called Afrounik which released an album dubbed Uniknes which carried the chart topping song ‘Kana Musipo’.

“Wandipengesa” (2004), “Rhythm and Blues” (2006), “Chapter three” (2008), “Music-love and me” (2009), Zim’s finest: “Tisu Tine Yese” (2010), “Eighth wonder’ are some of Nox’s albums.

Hits such as “Kupenga Kuti Pe”, ‘‘Maria’’, ‘‘Ndinonyara’’, ‘‘Zvandadiwa’’, ‘‘Kana Ndinewe’’, ‘‘Ndinovhaira’’, ‘‘Ini Ndada’’, are some of the hit tracks that have managed to keep Nox alive in the industry when some of his counterparts found the going tough. The pint sized singer has had his own share of controversy that could have killed any artist’s vibe but he has managed to ride over it.

In numerous occasions Nox’s personal and sex life has been brought into our living rooms- he has been involved in colourful relationships with socialite Paida Zvirikuzhe popularly known as Amai Gamu and Nicole Mtisi.

The respective affairs ended nasty with Nox’s nudes being shared on Facebook for everyone’s amusement. But everyone notices that nonsense except Nox himself. He is as stubborn and death and never relents!

If Nox were in Hiroshima on the day of the bombing, while everyone else would have been killed or maimed, Nox would have woken up the morning after with a new single!

Now, he has released another chart topper in 3-In-One, which has again sent the airwaves reverberating and the world and its foundations shaking. Produced by Tyfah is a rendition of Nox’s yesteryear hits ‘‘Ndinonyara’’, ‘‘Kupenga Kuti Pe’’ and ‘‘Zvandadiwa’’. Cyclone Nox has struck again! Be afraid. Be very afraid! The Herald