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Tendai Tagarira: Open Letter to General S.B Moyo

Honourable General and Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe


Firstly, congratulations on your well deserved appointment. This moment clearly marks a new beginning for our foreign policy and diplomatic relations.

Zimbabwe Major General SB Moyo, Chief of Staff Logistics
Zimbabwe Major General SB Moyo, Chief of Staff Logistics on the state broadcaster ZBC TV

Now more that ever, Zimbabwe needs to re-engage the international community. Now is the ripe moment for furthering the development of commercial, economic and scientific ties with the international community.

Honourable General, let us seize the moment!

In my humble capacity as a citizen of Zimbabwe, I was compelled by recent events to make a citizen application to the United States government to remove our honourable president and army general from the Executive Order 13288 sanctions list.

Why did I do this?

The removal of sanctions would serve to announce a new era for Zimbabwe and US relations in which cooperation and mutually beneficial respect is possible. That is the rationale behind the citizen application to signal the beginning of a new fresh and progressive page.

The role played by yourself, general Chiwenga and our honourable president E.D Mngangagwa in the new progressive paradigm emerging in Zimbabwe justifies the removal of sanctions against your persons.

You are proving to be genuine progressives who want to see a better, prosperous and corruption free Zimbabwe in which the constitution and rule of law are abided by.

The new head of state has the capacity of orchestrating economic development and rehabilitating business relations between Zimbabwe and the international community.

Your tenure as Foreign Affairs Minister is therefore vital in realising the new vision of a better Zimbabwe.

I am based in Denmark and I have been in touch with several authorities including the Committee of Foreign Affairs and the recently elected Mayor of European Cultural Capital of Aarhus and he has written to me citing great interest in diplomatic relations between our nations.

There is interest from the international businesses sector to invest in Zimbabwe and your role in our foreign policy is most crucial in facilitating their engagement. I and others are willing to work with your office in the noble national building cause to promote Zimbabwe as a genuine destination for foreign direct investment.

This will go a long way in making a contribution towards the new president’s call to Zimbabwe,

“We want to grow our economy. We want peace in our country. We want jobs, jobs, jobs in our country.”


Tendai Tagarira

Zimbabwean Citizen and Denmark’s first Friby Forfatter.