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There was no raid at Gideon Gono home

Earlier in the day we posted a story quoting a Harare based journalist who cited sources close to former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa alleging that former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Dr Gideon Gono was found with US$8million in his home in Harare.  

Former Reserve Bank Governor Dr Gideon Gono
Former Reserve Bank Governor Dr Gideon Gono

I have since spoken to Dr Gono who has dismissed the story outright and says no such raid took place at his home. We would like to sincerely apologise to Dr Gono for the harm this may have caused to his reputation and business. 

In this volatile situation where stories are coming through fast we have an obligation to “verify and verify” our sources and on this occasion we let down both Dr Gono and our readers. 

We pride ourselves in putting maximum effort at being fair and objective and will continue to strive to do better in future and seek to improve our news gathering system. Editor