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Shopping spree backfires for MPs

Parliament of Zimbabwe
Parliament of Zimbabwe

The Harare Magistrates’ Court has since issued warrants of execution against the parliamentarians’ properties, after orders were handed down in default.

All the MPs, including former MDC legislator Ronia Bunjira who has since died, did not contest the court summons.

The parliamentarians, who are set to lose properties are, Lilian Timveos (MDC), Tongesai Mudambo (Zanu PF), Jenia Manyeruke (Zanu PF), Lwazi Sibanda (MDC), Melania Mahiya (Zanu PF), Paradzai Chakona (Zanu PF), Sabina Mangwende (Zanu PF), Mabel Nkatazo (Zanu PF), Vincent Mawere (Zanu PF), Nomathemba Ndlovu (MDC), Rorana Muchihwa, a former MDC MP, who has since been recalled by the party, Bacilia Majaya (MDC), Masango Matambanadzo (Zanu PF), Innocent Pedzisai (Zanu PF), Ezra Ruvai (Zanu PF), Jeppy Jaboon (Zanu PF), Ephraim Gwanongodza (Zanu PF) and Bunjira (MDC), who has since passed on.

The MPs owe various amounts of money emanating from their 2014 Chinese excursion.

According to court papers, Jaboon, Ruvai, Pedzisai and Matambanadzo owe the biggest figure of $1 736 each, while the rest owe $868, except for Timveos and Mahiya who both owe $434.

Sibanda owes $217.

“This is therefore, to authorise and require you for cause to be levied from property of the said defendant $1 767 together with costs of this execution and pay the said sum to the said applicant the sum of $1 767 plus 7, 5 percent per month from December 31, 2014 to January 31, 2016 and return as required by law what you have done by virtue hereof for which this shall be your warrant,” reads part of a warrant of execution issued by the messenger of court.

The amount on the writ includes the messenger of court’s fees as well as other fees levied during the issuance of the court papers.

Skycred, facilitated airfares for the MPs, who later missed their flights while in China, which required them to make further payments.

The MPs, drawn from both Zanu PF and MDC, according to reports, had organised the shopping trip to Beijing, China on their own without the involvement of Parliament administration.

However, the company’s efforts to recover the money hit a brick wall, which prompted it to file court summons against the defaulting MPs.

The court summons culminated in the court orders, which gave greenlight for the MPs’ properties to be attached. Daily News