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Grace Mugabe on corruption, nudity and madness

By Tendai Tagarira

First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe said the following in a speech,

‘Kunemamwe ma individuals anotozivikanwa nenyaya yecorruption. Munoziva, vanhu vakangwara. Murume mukuru unosara wakapfeka hanzu, but paunenge uchifamba unenge uri naked because vanhu vanenge vakukuziva hunhu hwako. Iwe unenge uchiti ndakapfeka, asi vanhu vanenge vachikuona uri naked nguva yese nemabasa ako. Saka haikona haikona kubvisa hembe panze wega, uzvibvise hembe panze wega. Vanhu vakadaro mapenzi.

President Robert Mugabe and wife Grace Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe and wife Grace Mugabe

Mapenzi chokwadi because pane panemunhu aigeza parwizi, munhu iye aizvigezera parwizi zvake, abvisa hembe dzake, katanu katanu, aisa chii? pamuti. Ah kunebenziwo raingodawo zvekurwizi ikoko. Benzi riya ndobva raona (too) rasvika hembedziya, ndokutora hembe dziya.

Munhu uya anga achigeza, achigeza kudai nekatauro kake kadikidiki kakadai. Ndopaakatarisa aone, benzi rato-o uko, ririkumhanya nehembe. Iye agotanga kumhanya asina hembe achitevera benzi. Saka anonzi benzi ipapa ndiyani?

Ndiye asina hembe. Vanhu vanofunga kuti uyo arikutiza benzi.’ -Cashel Valley in Chimanimani in Manicaland, 2015-

Here is the English translation.

‘Certain individuals are well known because of corruption. People are clever because they can see your corrupt deeds which equate to nudity (shame). You will be thinking you are well covered and clothed but people will clearly see your naked shame, because of your manifest corrupt deeds. So do not uncover your naked shame. Such people are mentally deranged (insane.)

They are insane because, a certain someone was bathing by a river, so they removed their clothes and placed them on a tree. There was a mentally deranged person who liked to hang around that same river. The deranged individual arrived, saw, took the bathers clothes and started running away. Upon realising the proceedings, the bather started chasing after the deranged person who was running away with the clothes. So when people see this, who will be considered deranged (mentally insane)? Its the one who is naked.’-Cashel Valley in Chimanimani in Manicaland, 2015-

Her words merit special analysis and comments.

It is true that corruption is akin to nudity and madness. It is also true that pointing out someone else’s corruption while one is also quite corrupt is akin to the naked man chasing after the mad man. Therefore, to be in a position to point out corruption, it is wise to be above board by being properly clothed with incorruption.

So who then in Zimbabwe is clothed ?

The most naked of people in Zimbabwe are to be found in the so called church. She was supposed to have been above board, in order to point out and clean up the corrupt filth in the land. But she is naked and she is enjoying it! Why?

Because of sexual sin, false prophets preaching a sweet message that is tickling her itching ears, “sow a seed and get a miracle!” Majority of churches in the land are akin to a brothel. They are busy gyrating on a stripper pole called the prosperity gospel ! They think they can bribe God with their harlot earnings.

The so called men of god are her pimps and have gotten wealthy off her shameless harlotry. The harlot church of Zimbabwe can be found at every street corner, spreading her legs with impunity to any so called man of god. She is literally worshiping in the nude. She has indeed become the adulterous wife mentioned in Ezekiel 16 !

Her evil desires have become her god. Her greed has become her god. Lies have become her gospel. False prophets have become her pimps and gods. She has fashioned for herself a golden calf and has gotten up to eat and drink and indulge in every shameless and abominable revelry !

So who then in Zimbabwe is clothed?

Many of the rulers and authorities are also quite naked since they constitute the church and are also in bed with the so called men of god who are defiling the land with their prosperity gospel which is worse than vomit. Many rulers and authorities are drunk from the delusions coming from the false prophets, false apostles and so called prophetesses.

“Man of god, I receive!” they say. Receive what? Lies and Delusions ! So who then in Zimbabwe is clothed ?

Among the top leadership in Zimbabwe are hidden serial pedophiles, homosexuals who rape young children under the guise of benefiting them. YES! Its happening in the land and much worse abominations ! Looting of state resources, misuse of resources, abuse of power and authority. YES ! Its happening in the land and much much worse abominations.

So who then in Zimbabwe is clothed ?


The bible says,

“For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander. These are what defile a person…” Matthew 15:19-20 (NIV)

That means the hearts of Zimbabweans are defiled. Therefore the land needs repentance. The head of state and his wife should put on sackcloth and dust on their heads and repent and seek the LORD JESUS with all their hearts. After that repentance, they need to call for a genuine national repentance and it can not be led by Makandiwa or Magaya or the so called men of god. NO!

Let the head of state and his wife humble themselves and call for national repentance! Remember Nineveh! At the preaching of Jonah, they repented and THE LORD turned away his wrath and blessed them. As for me and my household, we REPENT of all corruption and defilement before THE LORD JESUS. AMEN.

“Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.” Revelation 16:15